Risk Factors for osteoarthrits (OA)

While osteoarthritis is not caused by age it is more common in older age groups. The main risk factors (in no particular order) are outlined below:


Carrying extra weight puts pressure on the weight bearing joints and increases the chances of OA worsening once it has developed.

Inactivite Lifestyle

People who do not exercise are more prone to OA simply because inactivity leads to weight gain and weight gain can lead to OA as outlined above

Joint injury

Injury to a joint may lead to OA later in life. Regular exercise is good for the joints but hard repetitive use may cause injury e.g. professional football players who have had a knee injury stand a high chance of developing OA.


OA is common in people who have occupations that require them to bend thier joints constantly or doing heavy lifting. e.g farmers and baseball pitches are more likely to develpo OA in their shoulder.


Women are at a higher risk of developing OA especialy with increasing age


Researchers have found that OA may be causesd by a gene responsible for making cartillage in the body (collagen II gene). OA is not hereditary but there is a tendency for it to run infamilies.


OA increases with age, below 45 3% men present with it and 2% women. at ages 45-64 25% men and 30% women. above 65 OA is ar 58% men and 68% women.





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