median nerve at the hand

·         Enter s the hand through the carpal tunnel

·         Deep to the flexor retinaculum along with FDS, FDP and FPL tendons (except the palmar cutaneous branch which arises proximally before the f-retinaculum and passes superficial to it, it supplies the central palm.)

·         The flexor carpal tunnel is a passageway deep to the f-retinaculum between the pisiform and hook of hamate  on the medial  side and tubercles of scaphoid and trapezoid bones on the lateral side

·         Distal to the carpal tunnel, it supplies the thenar muscles (except the adductor pollicis and deep head of flexor pollicis brevis  which are supplied by ulnar nerve) and first 2 lumbricals

·         Also sends fibres to the skin on the palmar side of the first 3,5 digits and dorsum of the distal halves of these digits

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~ by pcl4 on September 4, 2008.

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