Management of cataract would focus on:

a. correction of visual imparement

b. maintainance of quality of life

c. prevention of progression

The post on Treatment of cataract has covered the above well.  Some aspects after surgery also need to be taken into account when considering management:

Problems develop after surgery (rare but can occur)

·         Infection, bleeding, inflammation (pain, redness, swelling)

·         loss of vision, double vision, and high or low eye pressure

·         Sometimes the eye tissue that encloses the IOL (lens) becomes cloudy and may blur your vision. This condition is called an after-cataract. An after-cataract can develop months or years after cataract surgery.

·         After-cataract is treated with a laser. Your doctor uses a laser to make a tiny hole in the eye tissue behind the lens to let light pass through. This outpatient procedure is called a YAG laser capsulotomy. It is painless and rarely results in increased eye pressure or other eye problems. As a precaution, your doctor may give you eye drops to lower your eye pressure before or after the procedure.

Some complications can also result due to the surgery:

-   Common immediate complications are uveitis, glaucoma and endophthalmitis.
-   Complications such as retinal detachment, hyphema, hypopyon, IOL luxation, and posterior capsule tears are largely the consequence of poor surgical technique.

After surgery patients may experience:

·         Itching and mild discomfort

·         Some fluid discharge

·         Eye may be sensitive to light and touch.

·         After 1-2 days, moderate discomfort should disappear.

For a few days after surgery:                           

·         Patients use eye drops to help with infection and healing

·         Wear an eye shield or eyeglasses to help protect eyes.



Non surgical option: Refraction that affords the best visual function together with patient education is the only non-surgical option for cataract patients.


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