smoking diabetes and the eye by josh

Smoking, diabetes and the eye



Smoking and the Eye

          smoking leads to plaques in arteries (due to build up of cholesterols and fats in the arteries)

          These plaques can block or limit blood flow to areas of the body.  The effect of the plaque can range from reduction in blood supply to a body part up to a heart attack or stroke.

          The macular area which is located in the retina has the thinnest arteries and capillaries in the body.  These thin blood vessels can be easily blocked by plaques caused by smoking

          When a macular blood vessel is blocked the retina and its receptors are starved of nutrients – no nutrients to receptors no functioning – no functioning no sight.


Diabetes and the Eye

          Diabetic retinopathy is the main disease caused in the eye by diabetes

          Diabetic retinopathy results from the thin blood vessels in the retina being damaged by excess glucose in the blood stream caused by diabetes

          If severe the disease enters a proliferative state.  When this occurs the retina is starved of oxygen due to the damaged blood vessels.  To compensate for this new blood vessels are constructed by the body in the retina and virtues humour.  These vessels are weak and bleed easily.  The bleeding of these vessels causes clouding in the eye and damage to the retina.  

          Diabetes can also speed up the disease process in cataracts, meaning some people with diabetes will develop cataracts early on in life. 


Things to Note

It is important for smokers and diabetics to have regular eye checks.  This is doubly true for diabetics who smoke.  Prevention and early detection as always is the best cure



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