Brachial Plexuse





It is made by 5 roots of the ventral rami, which are C5-C8 then T1. The long thoracic nerve is made up by nerves from C5, C6 and C7. The B plexus has 3 trunks which are the superior, which is made up of C5 and C6, middle, made of C7 only and inferior which is made of C8 and T1.The supra scapula nerve and nerve to subclavius emerges from the superior trunk. From trunks there are 6 divisions; 3 posterior and 3 anterior. All the trunks branch giving both posterior and anterior divisions. The anterior divisions from superior and middle trunks connect and form the lateral cord. The posterior cord is made of all the 3 divisions from the 3 trunks and the medial cord is made by only the anterior division from the inferior trunk. There are 3 cords in total which are named in relation to their position with the axillary artery. The lateral pectoral nerve branches from the lateral cord. The lower and upper sub scapular nerves with the thoraco dorsal nerve branch off the posterior cord. The medial pectoral, medial cutaneous nerve of arm and medial cutaneous nerve of forearm branch off the medial cord.

The posterior cord then branches giving the radial and axillary nerves. The lateral cord divides into 2 branches, 1 branch forms the musculocutaneous nerve and the other joins with one branch from the medial cord and both form the median nerve. The medial cord has 2 branches, the other forms the ulna nerve.

The axillary nerve innervates the deltoid and teres minor muscles and the skin over the lateral part of shoulder. The radial artery innervates muscles on the posterior compartment of the arm, triceps brachii. The median nerve innervates the anterior compartment of arm muscles; biceps brachii, brachialis and coracobrachialis.



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