Causes of common swimming injuries

Causes of common swimming injuries

Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are caused by lactic acid building up produced by to anaerobic metabolism. The lactic acid blocks the metabolism and the muscles develop severe spasms known as cramps. Muscle fatigue and cramps occur when the workload is too high to prevent anaerobic metabolism, when the blood supply is inadequate and when there is an abnormality that prevents normal metabolism.

Swimmer’s shoulder

Swimmer’s shoulder is an inflammatory condition caused by the mechanical impingement of soft tissue against the coracoacromial arch. It can be caused by:

·         faulty stroke mechanics

·         sudden increases in training loads or intensity

·         repetitive micro traumas related to overuse

·         training errors (such as unbalanced strength development)

·         use of training devices like hand paddles

·         higher levels of swimming experience

·         high percentage of freestyle swum in practices

·         weaknesses in the upper trapezius and serratus anterior

·         weakness or tightness of the posterior cuff muscles (infraspinatus and teres minor) or a hyper mobile or very lax shoulder joint.

Vertebral fractures – in extreme cases repetitive stress can cause a fracture in a vertebrae

Breaststroke Knee – Breaststroke Knee is a form of tendonitis in the knee that can degrade to a tear in a meniscus (a pad that protects the end of the bone) mainly caused by overuse.


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