The incidence of death as a result of a snake bite

Efficient treatment of snake bite injury has dramatically improved the incidence of death;

·         A more current study has estimated that for every 5 million snake bite cases that occur world-wide every year there are only about 100,000 deaths.

·         In 1906, the untreated death rates were as high as 40% to 50% for death adder and tiger snake bites

In Australia there are about 3,000 snake bites per year, of which 200 to 500 receive antivenom; on average one or two will prove fatal. About half the deaths are due to bites from the brown snake; the rest mostly from tiger snake, taipan and death adder. Some deaths are sudden, however in fact it is uncommon to die within four hours of a snake bite.

A study by the Royal Darwin Hospital to determine the epidemiology of snake bites in the “top end” of NT found that over a time span of 13.8 years (which included 348 snake bites- most of which where venomous species) no deaths occurred as a result of a snake bite.

This is a measure of how competent the Royal Darwin Hospital is at treating snake bites  


Tiger Snakes: Approximately one death every year

Brown Snake: carries a 10% death rate without treatment


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