Mechanisms of how snake bites kill

  • if not treated properly the bite might become infected
  • bite may cause anaphylaxis and if untreated my result in death
  • saliva and fangs may include dangerous microbial contaminants and if infection is neglected it may spread and lead to death
  • may cause coagulopathy (lack of ability to clot and excessive bleeding) which could be spontaneous bleeding from the mouth, nose and old semi healed wounds, internal organs like the brain and intestines may bleed  and the victim may die because of blood loss
  • nervous system failure may develop resulting in the victim dying from respiratory failure
  • some venom causes necrosis of muscle tissue and this may spread to all body muscles. consequently the dead cells may clot the kidneys which could result in kidney failure leading to death..



~ by pcl4 on July 22, 2008.

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