PCL 2: An Unwelcome Guest – Tasks

Josh: Evacuation options, related organisations (e.g. SES)

Nalin: Medical management – antivenom (cost, availability, composition of a “kit,” how it works, where you find it, lifespan of antivenom

Rachel: Medical management – Emergency hospital care

Christina: Medical management – ward management (e.g. in response to paralysis, breathing difficulty)

Kerry: Physiology (behind signs and symptoms)

Amrinder: Emotional affect on physiology

Nikhil: Long term implications of a snake bite

Monica: Investigation

Ex: Incidence – regions, within Australia, and other countries

Rob: Incidence – death from snake bites in Australia; correlate this information with availability of service (i.e. is death more likely if accident occurs in remote bushland)

Ludo: Medical/research uses of snake venom

Satwik: Most common snakes in Victoria info sheets (Tiger, Alpine Copperhead), e.g. potency of venom? Preferred habitat etc


~ by pcl4 on July 21, 2008.

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