evacuation options

Evacuation Options


By Josh


Air Wing Victoria Police

The Air Wing provides helicopter support to ambulance operations. Twin and single-engine helicopters are involved used. (http://www.police.vic.gov.au)


Air Ambulance

The Air Wing provides a 24-hour ambulance service to time-critical patients and serves the Melbourne metropolitan area covering a radius of 150 kilometres from its base at Essendon Airport.  Operating within this radius allows the Air Ambulance to go out and back without refuelling.

With vertical take off and landing ability, the helicopter can land on a roadway, treat and stabilise a patient, then provide fast, uninterrupted transport to the nearest medical centre or hospital.  The Air Ambulance is also used for inter-hospital transfers and as a primary response to other medical emergencies


State Emergency Service – Victoria Branch


Search & Rescue

Highly trained and well equipped volunteers are often involved in assisting the Victoria Police with search & rescue operations on land and inland waters, vertical rescues, bush and snow searches.  The SES also provides support relief to the Air Ambulance victoria and the Air Wing division of the Victoria police.  (www.ses.vic.gov.au)


Air Ambulance Victoria (AAV)


The Metropolitan Ambulance Service provides emergency aero medical care state-wide for all Victorians. 

Through a coordinated system designed to individually match services with patient needs our air wing ensures location is not a problem when it comes to receiving medical care.  The air ambulance workload includes primary emergency response andinter-hospital transfers from and to rural hospitals.

We operate three emergency helicopters. These are based in Essendon, Bendigo and the Latrobe Valley. Their primary focus is responding to emergency calls, providing early MICA (mobile intensive care ambulance) care at the scene of an accident and rapid transport of critical patients to major hospitals.

Four aeroplanes are based at the Air Ambulance headquarters in Essendon and they are used primarily for patient transfers between rural and metropolitan hospitals.




Royal Flying Doctor Service – South Eastern Sector

The RFDS provides 24 hour emergency retrievals to over 80% of Australia.  The RFDS boasts a response time of within 90 minutes from anywere in Australia. The RFDS has a fleet of 47 aircraft nationwide which fly from 21 bases across Australia.



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