Body screening

Sorry this is late, but there isn’t much out there on donor disease screening. Despite emailing the melbourne uni body donation folk (who proved to be impertinently useless) I couldn’t find any solid facts on this.

My interpretation of the melbourne uni website is that there is no body screening, bodies are rendered inadmissible only if the cause of death was a significant transmissible disease ( examples given were HIV and tuberculosis). The ANU program also said they won’t accept bodies known to have Creutzfeld-Jacob or any form of dementia. It seems the general trend is bodies where transmissible disease is “suspected” will not be accepted.

Other conditions for ineligibility included autopsy, recent major surgery, organ donation (obviously), emaciation or obesity and situations where notification and transport conditions fail to deliver the body to the university in time.

Nalin D.


~ by pcl4 on July 17, 2008.

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