Body collection and distribution

The Department of Anatomy and Cell biology  at Melbourne University coordinates the only “Body donor” program in Victoria. The program compiles with the Human Tissue Act and information about being a potential donor is downloadable at their site. Any adult can become a prospective body donor provided they live with 60km of Melbourne GPO. The university pays the cost of transporting your body to the university anatomy department  by the funeral director and for the cremation of it once dissection is complete.  The body is then treated with necessary preservatives and could be used for 3 years. These are the bodies that are then used for purposes of anatomical examination , teaching and studying anatomy. Bodies donated to this program are the distributed to other legally designated institutions such as anatomy departments of other universities including Monash University :(. However, it is not only medical training students that get a share of these bodies. Dentistry, physiotherapy, science, nursing students advanced training students like specialised surgeons get a share of them too. In 2006 alone 148 bodies were collected by the program and every year sees increasing numbers.

i really could not find much on the topic, hope this will do..



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